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Sprouts Dale

The First Finnish Preschool in Kerala with real activity based learning. We believe in a school culture that empowers bold, innovative and collaborative thinking to develop a personalised learning path that help in developing future skills.
  • Finnish Curriculum
  • Expert Teachers
  • Student Centric Approach
  • Structured Activities
(2 to 6 years)



2 to 3 years


3 to 4 years

Junior KG

4 to 5 years

Senior KG

5 to 6 years


Safe & Holistic Environment

Our classrooms are designed as per Finnish learning environment guidelines where children can collaborate and learn in a clean, safe, creative and caring environment.

Learning Through Play

Learning life skills such as exploring, identifying, communicating, risk-taking, sharing, relating and interacting & bonding with peers.

Assessment Rubric

Lil Bo Peep Assessment Rubric takes inputs from teacher's observations, self-evaluation and peer evaluation. Each learning area is divided into developmental domains, which outline broad categories of children’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. It ensures that assessment is NOT a judgement but rather a measurement of forward movement and the level of support needed to progress. This evaluation is converted into a developmental review report for the parents.

Kids Friendly Campus

Properly equipped and aesthetically designed class rooms to avoid overstimulation. Hygienic and kid friendly toilets.Safe and fun filled one of a kind jungle gym.Special dining and nap area with proper sterlisation.

Healthcare Backup

First preschool in the city to have a on call paediatrician and a dedicated treatment room. Routine assesment of the kids to ensure the vaccination status.

Integrated Music, Dance & Theatre

We create a unique integrated platform for our kids to perform Music,Dance, Acting, Gardening, Mindfulness and Cooking. Assesment of their artistic skill and training them for their better growth.

Our Activities


Gardening offers so many fun and interesting opportunities for children and teaches them invaluable lessons. Gardening enables children to be connected with nature and explore active and fun learning with plants, seeds and soil. The curriculum enables children to experiment and experience growing their own food. It also helps develop numeracy and literacy skills. Measuring and counting are mathematical concepts which are involved with gardening. Reading instructions on how to complete tasks or the name of different seeds help develop literacy skills.

Music & Art

Musical experiences in childhood can actually accelerate brain development, particularly in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. Music is used to introduce daily routines such as a clean-up song or a lunch time song. When children interact with art materials such as paper, glue, markers, paint etc., they create something that is unique and something that they would be proud to display it and appreciate!

Kitchen Corner

I know that rou need some saltto add to the food we eat". The kitchen set up is for children to learn through activities example In baking children will be pouring water.mixing "ingredients,they are also learning about measurements and enhancing their writing skills by preparing their fingers'fine motor skills. Cooking together brings collaboration skills" which will automatically translate to a home environment.

Field Trips

"Field trips are fun and exciting. I get so much time with my friends". Field trips are safe and enjoyable experiences for the children.It is a good time for parents to join if the school needs more adults.These trips are connected to topics learned in the classroom.and sometimes it is all about the fun!


Mindfulness is at the heart of everything we do in the classrooms. Our curriculum consists of a set of small activities that are incorporated into regular teaching sessions and transitions for children to have fun and also to increase their patience and concentration.

Knowledge on Culture

India is a land of festivals! We celebrate festivals and traditions in a more collaborative way with children, school, and home.We value diversity and make our best attempt to celebrate both local and International festivals throughout the academic year.


  • Finnish Curriculum
  • Kid Friendly Campus
  • Aesthetically Designed Classrooms
  • Experienced and Passionate Teachers
  • Assesment by Child Psychologists & Pediatrician
  • Loving & Caring Kindergarten Helpers
  • Hygienic and Kid Friendly Toilets
  • Audio Visual Lab
  • Safe & Fun Filled Jungle Gym
  • Special Dining and Nap Area
  • Conveyance
  • Sensory Walkway
  • Organic garden


Our pedagogy is based on the constructivist and socio-cultural learning theory which believes that knowledge is constructed through learning experiences. It is essential for children to explore, create and experiment in a rich learning environment to build a strong love towards learning.
The Lil Bo Peep Early Years Program follows Finland's play and activity-based learning approach. It also incorporates practices from Montessori to provide a personalised learning pathway for each student.
Supporting children's inner curiosity and need to explore new things!

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